One can download monthly data for Nifty since 2002 from here.

For intraday nifty data or for sensex data since 1979 mail me at

Want nifty weekly data instead of daily data. You can download that in excel format, I have uploaded the same. Only hitch is that data is available only since 2002 and not before that.

I have Intraday Nifty data as well as Sensex data since 1979. Contact me at for Nifty Intraday data

I know I spent a lot of time trying to find data so that I could do various technical analysis calculation and see how things were and also to form charts & have a look. I mean I was looking for data for a long period, not just past 2-3 years. Then i could see how markets have moved over various time and market cycles.

The excel sheet below has Daily Open High Low Close data on Nifty since 1990 taken directly from NSE. It has data till mid march 2009. Thats a reasonable 19 years of data to perform any calculations, see and understand trends and charts.

For data even earlier to that I presently do not have but I am searching for the same. As soon as i find it, I will post it here. I will also post data for individual stocks. Leave a comment if you want anything specific.

Cheers !!!

For those of you looking for Nifty chart from as far back as possible - here it is.

First is the chart on normal scale -

Next is the same chart, but this time on log scale -

You can download the files from these links -